Sunday, September 16, 2018

Listening quiz - My dad’s Story: Dream for My Child

In the ad, titled My dad’s Story: Dream for My Child, a young girl hands her dad a letter. She narrates the piece, gushing about her dad being her “Superman,” “the most clever,” and “the sweetest daddy in the world.”…..

Watch the video and test your listening with the questions below: 

1.  The little girl is talking about..
a) her teacher.
b) her father.
c) her older brother.

2. It says: Daddy is ___________ in the world.
a) the sweetest daddy
b) more sweeter daddy
c) as sweet as mommy

3. Also, Daddy is _________.
a) more handsome
b) more handsomer
c) the most handsome

4. He is the smartest, ___________, and the kindest.
a) the clever
b) the cleverest
c) the most clever

5. He is her Superman. Daddy wants her ______ at school.
a) to do well
b) to work well
c) to study well

6. Daddy is just great, but _______. He doesn't have a job.
a) he dies
b) he lies
c) he tries

7. He lies about _____________
a) have money
b) had money
c) having money

8. He lies that he's ________
a) not tired
b) not fired
c) not hired

9. He lies that he's _______
a) not hungry
b) not angry
c) not happy

10. He lies that they have _________
a) anything
b) nothing
c) everything

11. He lies about ___________.
a) happy
b) happiest
c) happiness


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